Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Archaeological Find

So, I’ve been working on Archaeology lately. When I started this digging spree a few days ago I ended up in the Southern Barrens for a fossil site, and found Snort the Heckler prowling around the area. I’m sure most of you recognize him, he’s the rare hyena that’s smack dab in the middle of a digsite. Poor guy probably gets killed a lot by passerby.

Anyways, my stable had a bunch of empty slots in preparation for MoP, and at the time I thought I’d bring him with me and he could be my temporary archaeology buddy. I honestly wasn’t planning on keeping him for very long, I’ve never really been fond of that colour on hyenas.

Well, over the past few days Snort’s been at my side while I go around Kalimdor trying to coax Tol’vir sites to appear, and…I think I’m becoming attached. For some reason I’m finding myself incredibly fond of his appearance, even though I didn’t care for it before. He’s the perfect companion for this type of work too. He always has his nose to the ground and eagerly sniffs out artifacts for me. Even his name is fitting in that regard.

So, yeah, I think I might have a new hyena? ._.


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